The Buzz on Backlinking

If you have your own website, know someone who does, or are familiar with the inter-workings of the online world, you've probably heard the recent buzz about backlinking.

One of the main goals of every website is to rank well on Google. Higher quality sites (determined by formatting, content, and linking) tend to rank higher than others on Google. One way many people achieve this status is by creating backlinks, a form of search engine optimization (SEO).

Backlinks are created when one website links to another, ideally, your site. And why are these so important to search sites like Google? The answe is for better Search Engine rankings. The creation of backlinks proves a site's worth because in a perfect world, you would share the link of something that interested you - something you consider good.

Creating Backlinks for Search Engine rankings

How is something like backlinking accomplished? Now of course writing great content or creating a site beneficial to others are both great ways to get people wanting to link to your site, but what else is out there?

One way to go about link building is to write guest posts for other websites. This creates high quality backlinks and directs relevant traffic to your website.

Another common way to create backlinks is by commenting on other people blog posts or by participating in active forums and adding a link as a part of your signature or comment. The main problem with this method is that its easy to leave irrelevant comments in order to get the job done fast, in turn, causing many bloggers to mark these comments as spam.

Finally, contributing to bookmarking sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon, adding your website to search directories or checking out methods used by successful competitors can also help when you're looking to create backlinks.